Friday, 28 April 2017

1st Notification of a change in departure/arrival time of your flight

Bastards. As soon as I saw the subject line in my inbox my heart sunk. Ryanair have changed our flight times to Spain, materially. It means we travel a lot later in the day, nearly seven hours actually, and it means we can't make the afternoon of the Open Day which P wanted to attend in Salamanca. I forwarded it to P, I didn't want to say it because I didn't want to hear the answer, I knew what it would be after the expletives had ran their course.

He was upstairs in our little home office, ridiculous isn't it. I emailed him! I ran through all the options in my head trying to think how to put a positive spin on it before the reply came. Well I didn't get to wait long because I heard the office door open and him thundering down the stairs. He wanted to know the train options out to Salamanca late in the day, if not then first thing next morning. Then he asked me to check if we flew early next morning what was the earliest train we could make, then he asked what compensation we could get from Ryanair for having to re-hash all our plans. Needless to say I didn't have the answers, I told him I'd check. He went back upstairs muttering about Mr O'Leary.

I did all the checking I could, none of it was really suitable, I could get BA flights but they were a ridiculous price. I checked if we were entitled to any compensation towards increased costs being as it was their fault not ours. We weren't. All they were offering was a full refund on our booking as the change in time was greater than two hours but no contribution towards any other costs which may have necessarily been booked in advance....not even their own car hire or hotel booking (not that we'd booked through them) which to me seems ridiculous. They want you to think it's all under one roof as it makes them look bigger and inclusive but then when the shit hits the fan they say you have to contact the car rental or the hotel direct.

P was mad when he heard all this. He said "Fuck them then we'll cancel, the Open Day isn't open next day anyway, I just checked." That was what I didn't want to hear. I said why don't we just spend a few days in Madrid anyway but he wasn't for it, he was angry, he said leave it to him he'd get the refund. I didn't want the refund (it was on my card anyway) I wanted the trip. P said we'd take a few days somewhere else later, it was stupid to continue with this booking now that it had virtually lost the day which it had been the main purpose of the trip. Well he had a point but I was pissed off and I told him it was always the fucking same, can't just go and do something, always complications, the lost day hadn't been my focus, I still wanted to go.

I'm sure my husband was as frustrated as I was but he wasn't showing it with the same display of stroppiness which was breaking out over me. P took the initiative and decided to nip it in the bud. He pulled me quickly across to the sofa, I knew what was coming and said I didn't need a fucking spanking on top of things it wouldn't make matters any better. I tried to wrench my arm away but he's too strong, He got me to the sofa and put his arms around my waist so that I couldn't run off, then he undid my jeans and pulled them to my thighs making flight impossible. He sat on the edge of the sofa taking me with him and pulling me across his knee. "You so bloody well need what you're about to get sometimes, you know," he said as he wriggled my knickers down with one hand, the other steadying my back. I kept telling him I didn't want or need a spanking, I had a right to be upset like anyone else and to let me go.

"You've got a right to be upset certainly," said P, "but you don't have the right to act like a spoilt child when things go a bit wrong and you don't have the right to blame me for being sensible and I don't want to hear a string of bad language from you either. I'm not a puritan by any means but gratuitous swearing, especially in temper, does not become you!" And with that my spanking commenced. And it didn't finish until, I suppose, about ten minutes later by which time I'd struggled so much I'd fallen off his lap and made to get on again and made myself hoarse with arguing, crying out in protesting and eventually begging and apologising for him to stop. Which he did. I could hear him breathing heavily, I was panting and sniffling and my poor backside was on fire. Sexy it was not.

I was allowed off his lap and told to pull myself together, he didn't want any more nonsense from me over the flight, did I understand? I didn't look up so he put his hand under my chin and made me look up and say the word yes, I also apologised again for good measure, I know my voice was shaky. Then he went back upstairs.

It was two hours before he came back into the lounge, my bottom had recovered, I still felt it when I moved on the seat but the sting had gone. "Are you in a better mood now?" He asked me. I was and I told him so, it was true I'd been a bit childish. He went and made a cup of tea for both of us and came and sat beside me. After we'd finished our tea I knelt down on the carpet in front of his knees and undid his zip, I told him I was sorry again without any shaky in my voice this time:)

I still say they're b******s but some good did come from it one way or another.

Have a fun weekend.


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Smile for Today


Monday, 24 April 2017

I've got a new friend

And he makes canes. Sigh.

I know a lot of you guys have chatted with me and guessed I was going to get involved with canes (not just the receiving end), after that dinner engagement I had a few weeks back. Well you were right and I am now Alec's (his name isn't Alec but it suits him) right-hand man woman, advising him on how he could improve his little business. I don't think he needs my advice really and his business is going ok so he isn't chasing money, he must like me:)

Anyway I persuaded him to add an item to his range, it's a 'loopy', which he'd never even heard of before but I most certainly had and, when it was first introduced to my backside in Spain a few years go I had one of those 'never again' moments, it was evil. But P didn't throw it away and after some gentler persuasion over time I've accepted its use. Occasionally!

So Alec is allowing me the same prices he charges his commercial customer so I can keep it sensible. I have a few samples he gave me, he said he'd love some feedback, you know, if I knew anyone who might be prepared to. What? Moi? He was actually a bit embarrassed asking, he doesn't partake himself you see and he gets a bit flustered talking about what his 'toys' are used for. It's a bit like having a non-smoker making cigarettes or a butcher who doesn't eat meat. Anyway he's sweet and I think we are already friends.

He has a daughter, I mentioned her, she's nice too and a bit more worldly that her dad, we might share some other business. Need to keep an eye on her though because P says she's a looker.

Anyway don't worry I'm not about to fill my blog with commercial claptrap.

Have a good week.


Friday, 21 April 2017

In with the New - A Short Editiion

A short edition of Tumblrs/blogs for your weekend visiting. 

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Have a fun weekend.


Thanks Bonnie

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

A Smile for Today

Couldn't make my mind up which one of the four to share  - so you got them all:)


Pictures from Chicago Spanking Review.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Five ways to know your partner needs spanking

"So you've got a lady. She's a stone cold fox, and you love banging the fresh heck out of her (sex speaking). She makes great pancakes and she can talk so dirty you feel like you need to go through the dishwasher. All of that, and you still feel good about introducing her to your mom. Kinky!

Damn, son, good job on having the kinky sex partner of all sex partners!

What's that you say? Something's amiss in your kink heaven?

Tell Becca all about it.

Ah, I see, you think she might want you to get kinky and tie her up and spank her, 

but you aren't quite sure. I feel you. Knowing whether or not your partner is up for being tied up and getting a spanking can be pretty hard to figure out. That said, if you're looking for spanking signs, there are things to look out for...."

It caught my attention and made me smile, as these things do, so I took up google's link (google sends me daily spanking links) and here, according to Yourtango, are 5 signs she wants you to tie her up and give her a spanking. I know lots more ways to make it clear when I need a good spanking, maybe I'll compile a list some day. When I've got a lot of time:)

Hope everyone is having/had a lovely Easter.

Have  good week.


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