Monday, 22 August 2016

Why was I reading a Beginners Guide to Erotic Spanking

Well I wasn't intending to actually but google sent me a link to a UK online magazine called, it does that sort of thing every now and again. The link went straight into this article, dated 19th August, by their deputy editor so I browsed it, having an interest in all things spanking and happy to spread the word at any opportunity.  

But I have to say it was a bit pedestrian for me, I mean I liked a few bits, champagne flutes and eating sweets got my approval as did the bit towards the end explaining how long a spanking should go on for (hours and hours was one possibility...if only:)  Anyway it's mildly titillating stuff and some of it would definitely we worth a read for newbies.

Have a good week.


Picture from magazine article

Friday, 19 August 2016

In with the New - Another Rio Olympics Edition

Back with another lovely selection of blogs for your pleasure. As usual I ask you to please stop by and say hello.

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Does this blog make my butt look big?

Spotted any new spanking-orientated blogs? Please send me the link/s if you have.

Have a fun weekend.


Thanks to Bonnie for bringing us some of these new blogs.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Smile for Today


Monday, 15 August 2016

Squid Tested

Purely by chance I got the opportunity to test some raw squid on Saturday, to see if I agreed with my husband's assertion that its smell resembles semen. 

We had spent the day helping our son and partner move into their new house at short notice, there were lots of helpers but lots to do and it was all go, no removal company instead he'd borrowed a large van from his partner's dad. We'd started earlier than the rest and P and son had between them shifted most of the heavy bulky items, P had been quite insistent on forging ahead not waiting for more muscle to arrive. He admitted later that he'd been out of breath a couple of times, he's still fit but not planning to go into the removals business any time soon. He had aches Sunday morning:)

Anyway we were both happy to help but there were so many people buzzing around by late afternoon it was a case of 'too many cooks' and we left around six o'clock, a bit dirty and a bit sweaty, it's only a half hour drive and I asked P if we should get cleaned up when we got back and pop into town as we didn't have anything to eat. He didn't want to and said he'd drive past Aldi and pick up some steaks (their ribeyes are currently superb) and salad. He did and then five minutes unexpectedly pulled into Waitrose which is directly on our route home, he said I needn't get out of the car he'd only be two minutes; he returned with a white plastic bag in his hand, New Zealand squid. Why do Waitrose import NZ squid, what's wrong with UK squid, I asked him. He didn't know. 

We got home and P went into the kitchen, he wanted to pop some potatoes in the oven and cut the squid into rings and let it dry a bit while he was cleaning up. He said I should grab a shower while he was doing it but instead I quickly went to the bathroom and washed my hands then went into the kitchen and stood close up behind him, slipped my arms around him and dipped my fingers into the squid slime on the chopping board. I put them up to my nose and made a hmmm sound. He knew what I was doing of course, and asked me 'Well, what do you think, don't you agree it smells like semen?' I didn't answer for a while.

'Not sure,' I said and moved my hand down to the zipper on his shorts, 'perhaps if I could test them side by side I could make a better judgement.' His cock was stirring, I didn't think it would take long to get a sample.

'Naughty girl,' said my husband, ' you'll get slime over my shorts.

'They're for the wash, don't worry about it,' I replied. 'Perhaps I could get you to shoot onto the chopping board,' I laughed. His cock stiffened. Then he turned round and bent me across a kitchen stool and spanked me a few times. He told me to stay there while he put the squid in some some kitchen towel, then he said 'Right, naughty girl, if you won't go and take a shower when you're told to, I'll have to take you upstairs myself and you're very luck you didn't get your bottom smacked a lot more than you just did.' I didn't think that was particularly lucky.

He marched me upstairs and we showered together and he lathered for the two of us and his cock was like a flagpole and I was about to bend down and lick the suds off it when he turned me round and told me to hold onto the shelf. 'But I wanted some semen,' I purred, '...for comparison.'

'You're going to get semen,' said my husband, 'you can compare another time.' I managed to get out a feigned 'Ooh P, what do you mean?' and then his cock was in me and I squealed with delight.

We had a very nice meal about forty minutes later.

Have a good week.


Friday, 12 August 2016

Do things come in 3's

I hope so, on the travel front at least. I learned last weekend that I'm going to Portugal early September. P told me he's booked flights (shit that means Ryanair) but not accommodation yet, well that's ok I shall have a hand in that and I'm not as pennypinching astutely economical as my husband. We also got invited to Colombia; P's brother's lady friend invited us, his brother is going over for three weeks in November and she said we should join him, well I know P would never do a 3 week break but he did say maybe a week so that looks like a possibility and at least Ryanair doesn't fly there. So I'm just holding my breath for a third:)

It got me spanked too because I made some sarcastic comments about the Portugal flight and he told me I shouldn't be so ungrateful. I'm the one who's always urging him to agree to little jaunts, he said, and then when he takes the initiative I find fault. I told him I was only joking but he still took my shorts down and put me across his knee, it wasn't long or all that hard or seriously meant and I giggled and wiggled because I was happy really. There was no sex, he just sternly dismissed me telling me to let it be a lesson to me not to take the pee out of his well meant arrangements.  I could tell his sternness was artificial but I rubbed my backside and pouted a bit for good measure.

Have a fun weekend.