Monday, 20 February 2017

A Meme

You know me - can't resist these.

1.  Who's oldest:
P by 2 months.

2. Who was interested first:
P was. He became the new manager of a place I was working. I didn't like him, he was aloof and sarcastic in my opinion, probably a bit too young to hold the management position he had (don't tell him that, I never have.) He kept asking me to go out and I kept refusing, he was very persistent, my friends told me I ought to give it a go. Then an occasion occurred when my friends got tickets to see a favourite pop group at the time and I didn't manage to get one as they were a sell out. When he found out and knew that I was disappointed he went out of his way to get me a ticket, I don't know to this day how he did it, I guess he paid over the odds, anyway it got him firmly in my good books and our first date wasn't long after.

3. Same High School:
No. We lived in the same city and used to go to the same clubs/pubs but never met in any of them.

4. Most sensitive:
Definitely me. Though I've noticed he's getting a little sensitive these days.

5. Worst temper:
Oh that's me, definitely me and I've had a sore bottom more times than I can remember because of it.

6. More social:
We are both fairly shy but I would say I'm more social.

7. More stubborn:
P without a doubt.

8. Wakes up first:
Normally P.

9. Bigger Family
P's is bigger than mine.

10. Flowers
I love flowers. P surprise me with some every now and again.

11. Cooks the most:
P does now.

12. Cries more:

13. Better singer:
That would be P. You wouldn't want to hear me sing.

14. Said I love you first:
We've been together so long that I honestly don't remember. Probably me.

15. Better driver: 

Can't lie - P is.

16. Hogs the remote:

Neither of us though P tends to have it if we are watching TV together.

17. Better cook
He's by far the  better cook so I'm a lucky girl and gets lots of scrummy yummy food.

18. Clothes and Shoe Hoarder:
That would be me. I sort my wardrobe out and have a pile ready to send to the charity shop then change mind and think, I'll wear that again so back it goes in the wardrobe. 

Thanks Lilli and SG

Have a good week.



Friday, 17 February 2017

Level Playing Field?

You see, I have followed the escapades of one Strict Julie over a few weeks now, not that her persuasion quite aligns with mine but she's a very energetic writer and I like her blunt and perceptive style. She has posted a series about a schoolgirl (her) getting spanked (and other things) and has included lots of images to go with it, it's pretty strong stuff and it got me wondering - what would be the situation if a man had authored it. I sent P a link on the weekend and asked him what he thought and his answer was that they'd probably have the 'old bill' knocking on their door (ie the police for those not familiar with UK cockney slang).

What's my point to all this? Well, and this is after light discussion with my nearest and dearest, my point is that perhaps us (some) women are all as sexist as we sometimes accuse men of being. I mean lusting over schoolgirls is disgusting, right? Spanking them for sexual pleasure is depraved, right? Forcing them to have sex is criminal obviously, right?....but I bet lots of men get turned on by the thought. I bet quite a few women do too. But the main point - a woman can write it and get away with it but a man could not. So the playing field is not level, maybe we should remember that sometimes.

I asked P if he'd been turned on by the schoolgirl stuff and he said don't be silly and did I want a cup of tea as he was on his way into the kitchen to make one. A minute later he popped his head round the door and said, "By the way do you still have that navy blue pleated skirt and the green and yellow striped tie lying around? Haven't seen them for ages." He was gone before I could answer. When he came back in with two mugs of tea he added, "The dark blue gym knickers are probably tucked away with them I should think."

He was smiling. So was I and I didn't bother answering, I knew exactly where they were:)

Have a fun weekend.


Picture found at Richard Windsor's Spanking blog.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Did you get it right?

Thanks to all who played along on Friday - Just for Fun post

Saw a girl caned by our Headmistress. NO

I did go to an all girls school but detention was the only punishment we received.

Had a tattoo - NO. I am considering one and it would be a small heart.

Was I propositioned in China by a prostitute - NO

P was the one who got propositioned. You can read about it here and what happened after. It's long and it does include a spanking.

Spanked before flying - NO

I absolutely love flying so no need for P to spank me.

Had a sore bottom from falling off a horse - YES.  Roz, OBB and PK, Cat, Rosie, MrJ, Hermione and Terps you were right.
I did fall from a horse and landed straight on my bottom, was quite sore more than when I've been spanked. I was lucky, could have been worse.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines yesterday.


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Valentine's Day

"Well! And a very happy Valentine's Day to you, too, Miss Finch!"

Happy Valentines - Have a wonderful day whatever your plans.


Monday, 13 February 2017

In with the New - Another Valentine's Edition

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Spotted a new spanking orientated blog - started one yourself? Send me the link and I'll add it to my next 'In with the New' spot.

Have a good week


Thanks to Bonnie and Hermione.
Picture found at Glenmore's Adult Spanking Stories and Comics.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Just for Fun

Can you guess which one is true?

1. I went to an all girls school and once saw a girl get caned by our Headmistress.

2. One time I had a sore bottom, not from a spanking but from falling off a horse.

3. I've always wanted a tattoo and recently took the plunge and had a very small heart on the right cheek of my bottom.  P loves it and it got me spanked.

4.  I was propositioned by a hooker on a visit to China.

5.  I hate flying so P has to spank me to calm me down before we leave to catch our flight.

Thanks for playing along.

I'll let you know which one was true next week.

Have a fun weekend. 


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

A Smile for Today

A spanker is either of two kinds of sail. On a square rigged ship, the spanker is a gaff rigged fore-and-aft sail set from and aft of the aftmost mast. Almost all square rigs with more than one mast have one or two spankers, which evolved from the driver sail. Taken from Wikipedia.